Wayne Garcia
27 (born 1970)
Hair color
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NYPD officer
Parasite Eve
That's for Torres... SON OF A BITCH!

Wayne Garcia is a rebellious young cop with a passion for firearms. His passion is so powerful that he actually collects gun trading cards. It may be his ultimate goal to create his own line of high-powered weapons. Wayne is responsible for the N.Y.P.D. weapon department, and works alongside Torres Owens.

Aya Brea can talk to Wayne to store items and equipment.

Trading cards

Wayne's menu has a "Rare T-Card Collection" option. However, nothing in the game tells you what this does. As things turn out, there are fourteen rare gun trading cards available in the game. All fourteen are found scattered around the Chrysler Building. Give them to Wayne, and they'll work just like mod permits or blank trading cards, except that you get two modifications instead of one.

If you give Wayne around 9-12 trading cards, selecting "Rare T-Card Collection" will have Wayne give you a Toolkit. The Toolkit gives you an unlimited set of tools.

If you give Wayne all 14 trading cards, selecting the option will have Wayne give you a Super Toolkit. This gives you an unlimited amount of super tools.


If, during the course of your adventure, Aya gives Wayne 300 pieces of Junk, he'll use his technical aptitude to turn all that seemingly worthless Junk into one of the game's ultimate guns. You can either have him create a specific type of gun, or you can leave him to his own devices and have him create something for you at random.[1]


  • He is 175cm (5'7") and 67kg (148 lbs).


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