70 15 0 0
Strength Weakness
Status Ailments/Fast attacks If Aya keeps moving, they usually cannot hit her
Attacks Laser/Machinegun
Location Shelter

Watchers are one of the two enemies of Parasite Eve II that does not give out Bounty Points or Mitochondria Points. They all look the same but have very different effects depending on the color of their beams. They are also completely immune to PE because of their mechanical nature.

White Beam

The White Beams of the Watchers attack Aya with a burst of machine gun fire that can deal some good damage (double the damage of the other beams) to her. When combined with the other beams, they can cause some serious harm to Aya. These are relatively harder to deal with since their attack is not a single laser beam and Aya needs to run away from them to avoid harm.

Red Beam

This type of Watcher fires a red beam at Aya that deals little damage. 

Red beam

Yellow Beam

This type of Watcher fires a yellow beam at Aya and can inflict Confuzion on her, making very difficult to move around and aim.

Blue Beam

This type of Watcher fires a blue beam at Aya and can inflict Seizure on her, thus stunning Aya for a few seconds.


  • Watchers can be turned off from the security option in the Pod Gantry control monitors, although after the GOLEM raid they will be activated once again.
  • The stungun and bayonet are really useful for dealing with Watchers, although these attachments have quite a limited range.
  • Watchers are programmed to target everything alive and moving, therefore can be tricked into attacking NMCs/ANMCs and GOLEMs.
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