note these are probably just placeholders until an actual date is announced. March 31st

Gamestop: April 1st (hmmm....)

GAME: April 2nd

But it looks like that The 3rd Birthday definately will NOT be released in February due to the lack of anything on the english release but hopefully one of these sites may be actually close to the release date.

Also due to an unknown wiki contributor posting a spoiler I would like to ask to please don't post spoilers in categories i.e deceased characters, villians etc as it would ruin the game for those who wish to wait. (the spoiler posted a couple of days ago could have ruined the game for some if they wrote more on it) also to add if you do wish to write spoilers (like me :P ) please mark them as shown in the link Alexshepard has given on the homepage.

So what do you guys think? Can any of these sites be any where near true or are they just platently placeholders.

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