Well seeing how the games out and a lot of spoilers are now floating around (I'm fully aware of all spoilers so I'll know which are true or not) So the question is what should we do about them? Because a lot of members on the wiki do not want to be spoiled until the game comes out around March time.

Pages that you will have to be wary of when people start to come on and add spoilers (these pages will definately RUIN the game for you if someone posts a spoiler):

-Aya Brea
-Eve Brea
-The Twisted
-The 3rd Birthday

These articles will be the most targeted so its best to avoid them if you see that anyone else besides me, AlexSheperd or Tyraonkaiexperiement edit on the page. But fortunatly I know about all spoilers so I'll remove them if they are posted as I know fact from fake at the time.

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