• Yunagal95

    Well I gotta say something, all those reviewers are wrong about this game (except IGN for once). The graphics are amazing and beautiful in FMV and in game, the storyline is pretty good and the gameplay system is fairly easy and not that complicated as people whined about.

    I'm now on Episode 2 and on the non smoking sign (the one near Gabrielle before you enter the mens locker room) Aya says "Why do I smell smoke in a non-smoking facuilty? wait a minute...Gabrielle?!" so I'm guessing this means that Gabrielle is a smoker, even though she leads the physical exams :/

    I even watched a clip from episode 4 and I gotta say...what have they done to Maeda?! I'm sure he didn't act this perverted and wierd in Parasite Eve, but then again Toriyama (the …

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  • Yunagal95

    Finally The 3rd Birthday gets a pretty good review. IGN gives The 3rd Birthday an overall score of 8.5 (whats classed under "Great"), these people have also played the Parasite Eve games making this one of the best reviews so far.

    Heres the full scores:

    9.0 Presentation

    Fuss-free, mostly logical menus and solid map systems. The HUD is a little messy at times, but there's a lot to this game - and SE did a good job of keeping things in order.

    9.0 Graphics

    Gorgeous and thoughtfully designed throughout. This is certainly one of the best looking PSP games on the market.. Excellent cinematics too.

    7.5 Sound

    The soundtrack is well composed - but a little ho-hum. The voice acting is at the mercy of the script, which wavers between decent and awful.

    8.5 Ga…

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  • Yunagal95

    Gametrailers has released an English cutscene from The 3rd Birthday:

    As you can see Karud "Boss" Owen's name has been changed to Hunter "Boss" Owen for the English release. I honestly don't know why but this clip lets us see Yvonne and Hyde and "Hunter's" voices in action. I don't like Karud's/Hunter's its a bit too menacing in my openion but Hyde's is pretty awsome and Yvonne sounds better here than she did in the trailer.

    So what you guys think of the voices and also Karud's name change?

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  • Yunagal95

    to the wedding of Aya Brea.

    Apparantly this has been sent to different English speaking Square-Enix members. So does this mean that a english release and news are getting close? I sure do hope so :)

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  • Yunagal95

    note these are probably just placeholders until an actual date is announced. March 31st

    Gamestop: April 1st (hmmm....)

    GAME: April 2nd

    But it looks like that The 3rd Birthday definately will NOT be released in February due to the lack of anything on the english release but hopefully one of these sites may be actually close to the release date.

    Also due to an unknown wiki contributor posting a spoiler I would like to ask to please don't post spoilers in categories i.e deceased characters, villians etc as it would ruin the game for those who wish to wait. (the spoiler posted a couple of days ago could have ruined the game for some if they wrote more on it) also to add if you do wish to write spoilers (like me :P ) please mark them as …

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