Alrighty, now that the spoilers rule have been lifted, I'm really kind of curious, what was everyone's opinion on it?

Even against all the people who didn't care for it, I did rather enjoy it. Sure the story was a little wonky and we nearly had a Kingdom Hearts thing going on, but the gameplay was amazing, for the most part the characters stayed in their natural attitude, and let's face it they could've destroyed the game as a whole but they didn't.

Was there anyone or anything about the game you didn't like?

I'm really still kind of creep-ed out by Maeda's voice, but I've somehow grown used to the stuttering and I sort of actually expect it. And I really enjoyed the romance between Kyle and Aya (sort of Aya...? Lol.) the scene during the final battle always somehow still makes me smile.

Honestly, besides maybe a different story, I would've really liked them to have gone more in-depth with the characters. Everything you want to learn about them you have to read, and usually I'm kind of 'eh' around sitting there and doing so much of it when the game is like 'play me!'.

I also admit to decently liking the final scene between Eve and Aya in the church, throughout everything it just made the game a bit more solid. Even if I still have questions about some minor things, that scene just made me feel like it's going to finally end. Does this mean they could create a game around the real Eve and/or Aya again? I don't know, but for now I think Square was looking to end the game and maybe the series, so for now I'm not expecting much from them.

So, anyone else's opinion?

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