So I was reading the PE manga (which, honestly, was kinda hard considering my Japanese is extremely rusty...) and I was thrown for quite a loop with Gray Davis and Lazuli. Honestly, I think Katharine Anderson was the idea behind Eve in Parasite Eve II, they're very similar and Aya seems to respond the same to them.

But anyways, back to my point here. Gray, I sort of expected, to be a sort of base for Kyle, but they're just too different. For a while I keep thinking of Gray as the guy Aya goes with to the opera (maybe it's the hair or way he acts/talks) but he's just there and likes to be there. (Although his moments with Aya where he was a perfect gentlemen was aww-worthy.)

I know the manga doesn't change the story for the games, but I feel like it was sort of the original rough draft for the game, put into comic book format. Wasn't it written during/after the game's work/release? It seems like they would've at least kept all the characters or so...

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