So, as we're still trying to figure out the difference between her name being Gabrielle and Gabriel, I figured bring this up now. Note my Japanese isn't great, so the kanji or hiragana explanations might be slightly wrong.

  • Gabrielle's Artbook Page:

While I was glancing over the spelling (with my half-learnt Japanese since I haven't finished classes yet), have realized why we might be having this little war with Square Enix over her name.

When trying to spell Gabrielle in kanji, it is actually somewhat impossible to do. Now granted I can't tell you the reason why, because I'm not that far yet, but I think it's because they don't have a kanji or hiragana for the "ll" or "double l" because of their need for vowels. So if you read her name in kanji it reads ガブリエル (Gabriel) and モンシーニ (roughly translates to monshini).

In other words the only way Japan can translate it is as Gabriel, while they might mean Gabrielle the translation might not've been marked as important and so the translator chose the exact spelling given to them rather than what Nomura or someone meant.

Now, this is really pure speculation on my part, please don't assume this is the real reason why. Not sure how they'll spell it in game, it could go either way. If I made any mistakes with my Japanese, forgive me in advance.

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