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  • Tysonkaiexperiment

    Finally, it was released! Head to the Playstation Network to buy Parasite Eve for $5.99!

    And considering Aya had a gunblade, and it is August 23rd... Happy birthday to Squall Leonhart! :D Just had to share that.

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  • Tysonkaiexperiment

    Alrighty, Caligos_eve and I have made a new Parasite Eve livejournal community that everyone is free to join as long as you have a livejournal account.

    On this livejournal, as soon as I get around to finish cleaning them up, I'll offer downloads on there such as official strategy guides, the novel, some of the Insider, and the mangas. (Caligos_eve is currently possibly having a friend translate the mangas as well.) Basically whatever scans we can either do ourselves or get our hands on will be available there. However, these will be locked so that only livejournal members that have joined the community can receive them, so make sure you join.

    I'll also be posting a whole mess of icons and wallpapers up on there, so feel free to stop by (or s…

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  • Tysonkaiexperiment

    Alrighty, now that the spoilers rule have been lifted, I'm really kind of curious, what was everyone's opinion on it?

    Even against all the people who didn't care for it, I did rather enjoy it. Sure the story was a little wonky and we nearly had a Kingdom Hearts thing going on, but the gameplay was amazing, for the most part the characters stayed in their natural attitude, and let's face it they could've destroyed the game as a whole but they didn't.

    Was there anyone or anything about the game you didn't like?

    I'm really still kind of creep-ed out by Maeda's voice, but I've somehow grown used to the stuttering and I sort of actually expect it. And I really enjoyed the romance between Kyle and Aya (sort of Aya...? Lol.) the scene during the fin…

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  • Tysonkaiexperiment

    Since I keep getting asked how to unlock things, I've created this blog (read: REALLY EXTREMELY LONG LIST) of how to unlock everything.


    • Black Leather: Aya's default outfit (Defense B)
    • White Eider: Aya's default outfit (Defense A)
    • Maid Uniform: Unlocked by clearing the game on Easy or higher (Defense B)
    • Business Suit: Complete the game once on any difficulty and find the costume in an open locker in the locker rooms. (Defense B)
    • Swimear: Clear the game on the Hard difficulty (Defense C)
    • Titanium Bunny: Clear the game on Insane difficulty (Defense C)
    • Cheongasm: Clear the game on Normal difficulty or higher (Defense C)
    • Lightning Custom: Achieve a score of 50% or more on the bonus missions on Hard or higher difficulty. (Defense A)
    • Santa Solide…
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  • Tysonkaiexperiment

    Finally finished editing the character concept art so I figured make a blog post for these because everyone's going to want to talk about them! So here, have fun with them all! My favorite has to be Aya's wedding dress, I wish it looked like that with gold detailing in-game, would've been amazing to see!

    I decided to remove the names because of all the translation errors and changes, credit goes to Caligos_eve for scanning them, I just cleaned them.

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