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  • Okami925

    Thoughts on a remake...

    October 19, 2011 by Okami925

    After finally getting my hands on a rather nice copy of Parasite Eve, I was thinking about how amazing it would look with updated graphics, followed by how incredibly, well, disturbing it would look. The first time I ran across one of those burnt bodies I freaked the hell out. And this was, what, 2 weeks ago? Enjoyed the hell out of it, though.

    I dunno, I was wondering what other people were thinking about how the game would translate to modern consoles if a remake ever were to happen. I'd like to think I would be cautious but optimistic, maybe?

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  • Okami925

    Okay, so I just finished the game and I have to say, I'm still very confused. Normally I can understand even the strangest plots but there are still a lot of questions I have. For instance:

    • Why did Eve's going back to Time Zero change events that happened before Time Zero, like what happened to Ginger and Isabella?
    • What were Hyde's motivations before becoming a High One?
    • Who called in the team that shot Aya & Kyle?
    • Why could none of the CTI team remember Kyle after Time Zero?
    • How was Aya sill able to shoot Hyde despite her soul becoming "destroyed"? I mean, what changed this time around?
    • What happened after Eve shot Aya and Eve's body disappeared, then Kyle and Aya (Eve) were at the altar unharmed and Hyde's body was nowhere to be found?

    I'm sorr…

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  • Okami925

    Reaper Boss

    March 31, 2011 by Okami925

    Well, I've started to play my copy of The 3rd Birthday and I seem to be stuck at chapter 5 (I believe) against the Reaper. I'm playing on Easy mode if that makes a difference. The first battle is fine, it's just the second time around (when it regenerates) seems to be giving me quite a problem.

    So if anyone has personal tips to beat it or something from the guide I would be eternally indebted!

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