• Mugenkb1

    Sorry about the crappy title, didn't want it to be a spoiler title..

    There are a couple of reasons why I think Aya would be back in a sequel.

    1) If you read the note on Augustus Vassel, it states: "Louise Brier extracted from his body a particular gene belonging to an unknown twisted-one that gave him the power to come back to life." So....that's intriguing, it opens up doors to many possibilities, but again for Aya if she really doesn't have a body to come back to life, who knows..

    2) I feel like there's so many contridictions in the story that there has to be two different timelines. My best example is in the dream Eve has in Episode 4 a scene shows Aya standing over Eve with a gun, and looking pretty serious (not all cry baby like Eve in t…

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  • Mugenkb1

    So I done some analyzing and stuff and have these questions: So I watched the cutscenes from Episode 1. Somethings that stood out to me is that Hyde said "There's life even beyond death." Perhaps it may elude to Aya not being actually dead? And why did Emily Jefferson say "Remember where it all started sis" but Eve isn't her why call her sis? And I still don't understand the ghost looking Eve with the twisted face...

    And is it possible for Eve to overdive into the past before Aya gets shot and somehow warn them and prevent that? Probably not right? Because the overdive wasn't created yet..?

    Episode 2: Near the end of the episode, why would Eve hear voices of Eve? Why would Kyle say to Eve "your sister Eve is dead, and wonders the …

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