• Esperancia

    Yumiko Shaku?

    February 4, 2011 by Esperancia

    While talking about Aya Brea's VA in The 3rd Birthday, I kinda wonder whose voice is used in PE2. And according to wikipedia, it's Yumiko Shaku.

    Oh, and there's also an article showing she once did a shoot to represent Aya or something, in accord with celebrating The Square Millennium Collection.

    Here's the link:

    And the pictures:

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  • Esperancia

    see for yourselves :) we must absolutely take something from that page.. or everything? 8D And the creature data are soo complete and informative. wow.

    there's one for PE too, but it's not as complete as the PEII one (well, at least this one has no pictures in it)

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  • Esperancia

    Hyde Bohr / Hyde Borh..

    Thelonius / Thelonious..

    Gabriel / Gabrielle..

    it's kinda different, the ones in the in-game trailer, official website (japanese), and The 3rd Birthday's wikipedia page.

    How coome~ -_-

    Let's wait for the US release hm.. which is still 3/4 months later.

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