New skin

The site has been given a new skin. I designed the wordmark in Photoshop. The background may be a little glitchy so give the Wikia database some time to adapt. Hope you like blue and orange. I dunno, thought it'd look nice. :P If you have any skin suggestions, let me know.

Spoiler guidelines

Yunagal and me have created spoiler guidelines if you've missed the main page.


I've become admin. :) If you need something site related, ask me.


Yunagal95 and Tysonkaiexperiment have been given rollback rights. This will make reverting vandalism/useless edits easier. If you don't have rollback rights and you want them, you can ask me on my talk page.

Massive cleanup

Tons of useless pages and duplicate photos have been deleted.

To do

The characters and music categories are pretty well done. Tysonkaiexperiment has done a fantastic job on the weapons pages. The creatures category and stuff relating to the book could use some work. The locations category is also somewhat lacking.

Manual of style

The site lacks a MoS, so try to use pointers from Silent Hill Wiki. [1] Italic titles, introducing a character by their whole name when they're introduced into the article, try to avoid using 'you', etc. It's not mandatory, but it makes reading easier for people.

Great job on the site, guys. :) We've made a lot of progress in the past month. -- Alex

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