The Twisted are creatures spawned from the Babel which appears in New York City during The 3rd Birthday and are the central enemies in the game. When spawned, they travel through space-time distortions that appear whenever Aya Brea tries to Overdive into the past. In actuality, the Twisted appeared worldwide in many countries (193 countries in one timeline), and there are millions of them.

While most Twisted possess strong defense, they have weaknesses Aya can exploit which enables her to Overdive Kill them. During her missions, the Twisted mainly targets and attack the soldier she has Overdived into, alluding to the fact that the Twisted has a strong connection with her and the Overdive ability.

The Twisted also seem to have some intelligence, for example, when Mudflaps mutate humans into Slackers. There is a possibility that some Slackers are really humans who have mutated from the Mudflaps or the Queen that sends them into a different timezone.


The database claims the Twisted bring humans into the Babel. While the Twisted are known to be spawn of the Babel, it can also be seen that normal humans could be transformed into the Twisted. Particularly the Twisted "Mudflap" which steals SWAT members and transforms them to "Slackers". Another example is the former CTI Member, Augustus Vassel; which according to his CTI log, was abducted by a Slacker and when he returned, was already a Slacker as well. He was the Slacker used during Battle Simulations in the CTI Headquarters.

Aya also witnesses how Emily Jefferson, Gabrielle Monsigny and Kyle Madigan transform into giant Twisted during their encounters in the -Past Overdive- events. However, their transformation can be considered a special case as Hyde Bohr later explains that these three people have entered the state of being the "High Ones" which are another species apart from the Twisted.

End game, Hyde reveals to Eve (who was in Aya's body) that the Twisted were born from the shattered fragments of the real Aya Brea's consciousness, which was destroyed during "Time Zero". The Twisted can be interpreted as an unstable yet "evil" incarnations of Aya's lost consciousness in time space. When asked "What made it possible for the Twisted to originate?", the reply was "fragments from Aya's mind scatter in the future and use the people of that time as a medium to be born." Since they originate from Aya, they must be some sort of advanced neo-mitochondrial beings, similar to the NMCs.

In the ending, Eve mentions in the mailnotes that despite living in a world where there are no Twisted, she can still feel them sometimes. She mentions she has a feeling that wretched times will revisit one day.


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