This is a timeline for the Parasite Eve series.

2.5-1.5 billion years ago

  • According to Kunihiko Maeda and Hans Klamp, mitochondria were a separate species of unicellular organisms, presumably some form of aerobic bacteria in the early past of the earth. After million years of evolution, endosymbiosis occurred in which mitochondria became part of the cells in the vast majority of living things, providing energy (ATP) for the cell to function and maintain living, in return for getting nutrients and minerals from the host cell. This somehow benefited both with evolutionary advantage.
  • Modern fossil evidence now shows that aerobic bacteria first appeared 2.5 billion years ago, and that the first eukaryotes with aerobic bacteria as symbiotic partner and organelle that cannot independently survive came around 1.5 billion years ago.
  • As the mitochondria are present in unicellular organisms, all current eukaryotes that are multicellular contains them.
  • At some point, most of the mitochondrial genomes were either lost or taken to the cell nuclei. The series is based on the idea that a malevolent intelligence "Eve" has dissipated and is waiting for the time when mitochondrial life forms could rebel against the cells and become the dominant life. Endosymbiosis is actually a secret parasitism.

Roughly 200,000 years ago

  • Mitochondrial Eve (not the Mitochondria Eve of the game) lived during this time. As mitochondria contain DNA, scientists were able to trace mitochondrial DNA to "Mitochondrial Eve", an early ancestor of most modern population's mitochondrial genetics. Mitochondrial Eve is believed to have been an African woman (or women).














  • Aya Brea and Maya Brea are born on November 20th. Aya is born with a defect in her right eye.



Hans Klamp monitoring Aya and Maya.

  • Mariko Brea and her daughters Maya Brea and Aya Brea are involved in a car accident on December 23rd. All three of them are brought to St. Francis Hospital. Maya and her mother die at the hospital, but Aya survives. Maya's cornea was also preserved for possible future use for Aya, who was born with a eye defect in her right eye.
    • Melissa Pearce is hospitalized the same day at St. Francis Hospital due to kidney failure, and is the recipient of Maya's kidney. Maya's evolved mitochondria is transferred to Melissa. After six months of hospitalization, Melissa is released and is put on immunosuppressant drugs.


  • Maya's cornea is given to Aya when she is seven years old, sometime between November 20th, 1979 and November 20th, 1980. Maya's evolved mitochondria is transferred to Aya. It is unknown if this operation was also at St. Francis Hospital, and it is unknown if Hans Klamp was involved.


Between 1977 and 1997

  • Melissa Pearce takes immunosuppresants to prevent her body's immune system from rejecting her kidney. During this time, Eve makes Melissa sick constantly. Mistaking Eve's actions as her immune system rejecting the kidney, Melissa takes more immunosuppresants, which continues to weaken Melissa and enhance Eve's control over her body.
  • Aya's evolved mitochondria does not exhibit the same abnormalities that Melissa's does, and instead shows a symbiotic relationship.
  • At some point, Dr. Klamp is fired from St. Francis Hospital for selling patient's medical records, and he showed interest in patient HLA (human leukocyte antibodies, markers for immune system) records.
  • Dr. Klamp cultures liver cells from Maya, in case Eve and the Ultimate Being fail.
  • At some point, the events of the novel/film take place. Maeda and Eve both refer to the event occurring in Japan, and Eve refers to "her sister" being responsible. Eve who is in a scientists' wife's cells are cultured and then grown a body of its own. The first Eve begin a plot to exterminate all eukaryotes after manipulating the scientist, but fails.


  • November 3rd: Melissa Pearce goes to audition for the lead role of an upcoming opera and concert on Christmas. She takes an abnormal amount of immunosuppresants to feel strong enough to audition.
  • November 17th: Melissa is double casted along with Suzanne. Melissa is unhappy about this.
  • November 21st: As Eve's control grows stronger, Melissa begins to feel even more ill, and begins overdosing on immunosuppresants.
  • December 6th: Melissa Pearce collapses after feeling too hot.
  • December 10th: Melissa passes out again. The doctor tells her to get some rest, and Melissa thinks that the role will be completely taken by Suzanne. Melissa overdoses on immunosuppresants, allowing Eve temporary control over Melissa. Suzanne dies in an apartment fire.
  • December 11th: Melissa Pearce finds out about Suzanne's death and feels guilty over it.
  • December 17th: Melissa gets the part of lead role. She overdoses on medication again. She is also seen by witnesses entering the museum late at night, under the control of Eve, visiting Dr. Klamp.
  • December 23rd: Opening night, Melissa is excited for the next performance and her solo concert. She continues to overdose, enhancing Eve's control further. Aya Brea senses something while looking in the newspaper, wanting to go to see the opera that Melissa will be performing at.

Melissa/Eve burning Carnegie Hall.

  • December 24th:
    • Aya Brea goes on a date to see an opera at Carnegie Hall. Melissa Pearce begins to perform, but she is so weak from her overdose of immunosuppresants that Eve completely takes over, becoming Eve. Eve manipulates the audience's mitochondria, making everyone in the theater combust into flames, save for Aya and her date.
    • Aya gives chase to Melissa, and Aya's mitochondria awakens as a result of Eve's influence. Eve also begins to change animals into monsters (later named neo-mitochondrial creatures, or NMCs) by manipulating their mitochondria. Melissa dies, and Eve takes over completely, transforming Melissa's body. Aya manages to stun Eve, but she escapes into the sewers.
    • Aya catches up with her, but Eve escapes further into the sewers. She later burns down Melissa's apartment. Aya leaves the theater and is taken home by her partner, Daniel Dollis.
Parasite Eve - Cutscene 10 - Evacuating the City00:34

Parasite Eve - Cutscene 10 - Evacuating the City

The entire city of New York being evacuated December 25, 1997.

  • December 25th:
    • At a press conference held to discuss the incident at Carnegie Hall, Aya reveals the existence of Eve, despite her boss' objections. As a result, Dr. Kunihiko Maeda phones Chief Baker about the conference and tries to explain to Baker about mitochondria. Maeda then sets off for New York.
    • Aya and Daniel interview Dr. Hans Klamp at the Museum of Natural History. Aya recognizes Dr. Klamp from her memories, but isn't sure why. Dr. Klamp is dismissive of the detectives, and shuts down completely when he learns that Eve has awakened.
    • Melissa Pearce was to perform in a concert, but it was cancelled following the events of the previous night. However, a crowd shows up for the event, and Eve manipulates their mitochondria, turning them into a mass of orange slime. Daniel Dollis' ex-wife, Lorraine, is among the dead, but his son, Ben survives after leaving early. Aya chases Eve through Central Park, and is knocked unconscious.
    • Due to the loss of life from the Carnegie Hall and Central Park incidents, Manhattan is evacuated.
  • December 26th:
    • Aya awakens in Soho.
    • Aya, Daniel, and Maeda went back to the museum because Maeda wanted to test Eve's mitochondria. Klamp suddenly appeared and after seeing Aya's mitochondria, asked if she felt any changes, but was interrupted when Daniel saw the HLA list on his computer which had Ben's and Lorraine's names on it. Daniel angrily confronts Klamp, but Klamp orders everyone out.
    • Eve attacks the 17th precinct of the NYPD. While Aya cleans out the NMCs, Eve escapes to St. Francis Hospital to use the artificial sperm created by Dr. Klamp as part of her plan to give birth to the Ultimate Being.
  • December 27th:
    • Aya arrives at St. Francis Hospital, but Eve has already inseminated herself.
    • Navy cruisers have assembled outside New York City, and Eve destroys several Air Force jets that are mobilized.
Parasite Eve - Cutscene 22 - Eve's Concealment00:37

Parasite Eve - Cutscene 22 - Eve's Concealment

Eve pregnant in the museum.

  • December 28th:
    • Aya finds the audience from Central Park in the sewer system, trying to get into the city's water supply. After diverting the mass from the supply, it heads for the Museum.
    • Eve is now pregnant, and she uses the Central Park audience to make the dinosaur skeletons in the museum come to life. After being discovered by Aya, the audience forms a giant humanoid.
    • The humanoid creature protects Eve while she is giving birth. Aya destroys the being when it reaches the Statue of Liberty, which falls over as a result.
    • Aya destroys Eve on Liberty Island.
    • In the EX Game, Aya reaches the "original Eve" at the top of the Chrysler Building. The original Eve is a result of liver cells from Maya being cultured by Dr. Klamp after Maya's death. After Eve's defeat, Aya's mitochondria powers are sealed, and she leaves the building.
  • December 29th
    • The Ultimate Being is born. It is destroyed after Aya blows up the ship it was on.

Late 1997 - Early 1998

  • An unusual amount of people sign in to the hotel in Dryfield, Nevada following the events of the New York City Blockade incident. It is likely they had something to do with the shelter being constructed nearby.

1998 - 2000

  • After the events of Parasite Eve, NMCs begin to head west across the country. At some point, Aya leaves the NYPD and joins MIST, the Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team, a task force of the FBI. As a result, the number of NMCs across the country begin to diminish.
  • A shadow organization begins constructing an underground research facility and zoo outside of Dryfield, Nevada. Using DNA obtained from NMCs and Aya Brea (Aya's neo-mitochondria sample was obtained in January 1998), the organization begins creating artificial NMCs (ANMCs). Work is also begun on a way to transform humanity into ANMCs via an airborne virus.
  • At some point, Aya is cloned by the shadow organization. Eve Brea is born as a result of the cloning operations.


  • September 4th: Parasite Eve II begins in Los Angeles. Aya Brea must save the world from a sinister shadow government's evil plans on helping mankind by a deadly retrovirus. She investigates the Akropolis Tower.
  • September 5th: Aya is ordered to go to Dryfield. She heads east and arrives in the afternoon. She meets Kyle Madigan. Aya sleeps and in the middle of the night, the Burner attacks.
  • September 6th: Aya arrives at the mines and explores the shelter and Neo Ark.
  • September 7th: Parasite Eve II ends.


Parasite Eve 2 ending01:01

Parasite Eve 2 ending

Aya and Eve meet Kyle in the museum.

  • September 1st: Aya takes Eve to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. While examining one of the exhibits, Kyle enters and reunites with Aya and Eve.


  • After the events of Parasite Eve II, Eve attends school, and as a result of Aya's connections in the FBI, records reflect Eve as Aya's sister.
  • After reuniting with Kyle, it assumed that Kyle, Aya and Eve lived together.
  • In the spring of 2002, Thelonious Cray marries Sandra Smith, an exchange student nurse he had met while in the hospital. Their daughter Isabella was born the following year,
  • Kyle proposes to Aya in 2008. She accepts.


  • December 24th (Time Zero): The wedding of Aya Brea and Kyle Madigan. Guests include Eve Brea, Hyde Bohr, Thelonious Cray, Gabrielle Monsigny and Emily Jefferson. Kunihiko Maeda is also seen walking on the street outside the church, but it is unknown if he was actually invited.

As a result of Aya's dives into the past via the Overdive unit, events that primarily occur after 2010 change as a result of Aya's actions. See Timelines for more information.


The 3rd Birthday - All Cutscene 1 - Episode ~ Sacrifice ENG PSP06:30

The 3rd Birthday - All Cutscene 1 - Episode ~ Sacrifice ENG PSP

New York destroyed by Babel and Twisted.

  • December 24th: Babel emerges in New York City. The Twisted start to emerge and many New York citizens are killed.


  • September 30th: Pentagon is destroyed by a mass amount of Twisted.
  • October 3rd: 20 Twisted attacked the CTI and Aya Brea, Gabrielle Monsigny died protecting her.
  • November 17th: Babels emerge in China, Japan and Korea.
  • December 21st: Aya uses Overdive to go back to this time. Museum of Art was attacked by several Twisted. Thelonious Cray made it out with 9 other survivors.
  • December 23rd: FBI Headquarters was destroyed by mass Twisted, three thousand killed along with Hunter Owen.
  • December 24th: Time Zero is altered, creating a new universe in which Eve's body and Aya's consciousness didn't exist, present time of The 3rd Birthday.
  • December 25th: Present time of The 3rd Birthday.


  • February 15th: Present time of The 3rd Birthday.

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