Aya Brea at Time Zero

Time Zero (December 24th, 2010) is the day when Aya Brea and Kyle Madigan were to be married. SWAT members came in and shot everyone inside Saint Thomas Church.

Aya had been on the verge of death after being shot countless times. Eve Brea had tried to "reach" Aya. This resulted in the birth of the "Overdive" ability. The current Aya is actually Eve in Aya's body. Eve, on the other hand, had accidentally shattered Aya's soul when she dived into Aya's body, resulting in the shards being scattered across time and space and giving birth to the Twisted. The High Ones, on the other hand, were formed from the de-souled body of Eve, thus transferring her memories and the Overdive ability to them.

After defeating Hyde Bohr's High One form, Hyde will open a portal to Time Zero. The last cutscene will begin where Hyde orders Eve to dive back to her original body. Hyde begins to explain everything and he offers Eve to take him with her when her body was destroyed but, Eve refused. Hyde tries to take Eve into him but was shot by Aya whose soul was supposed to be destroyed.

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