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The soundtrack cover.


The jacket that comes with the special version of the soundtrack.

The 3rd Birthday Original Soundtrack contains music from The 3rd Birthday. It is three discs long and was released the same day as the game in Japan. The special version also comes with an exclusive jacket on the soundtrack. It does not contain Superfly's Eyes On Me.


Disc 1

  1. From the End -For The 3rd Birthday-
  2. The Babel: Genesis
  3. Investigation of the Past
  4. Beginning of Breeding
  5. Joy to the World
  6. Flashback
  7. Dive into Myself
  8. Wait for the Combustion
  9. Brave New World
  10. Contact, Freeze, Explode
  11. Unknown Unknown
  12. Equinox of Insanity
  13. Insanity of the Enraged
  14. Reaper
  15. Moment of Humanity
  16. Bloody Black
  17. Frozen Time
  18. The Boss
  19. Arriving Home
  20. Angel's Time
  21. Dive into Myself -Deep Inside-
  22. dayDreamer
  23. Light of Time

Disc 2

  1. Memory II -For The 3rd Birthday-
  2. Ruin
  3. Arise Within You -For The 3rd Birthday-
  4. Moment Of Silence
  5. Time of Insanity
  6. Queen
  7. Cloud of Aureolin
  8. Girl In The Dream
  9. Unforgettable Man
  10. Out Of Phase -For The 3rd Birthday-
  11. Dive Into The Cause
  12. Pain Of Assult
  13. Human Seeker
  14. Human Seeker (Battle Side)
  15. Uncontrol
  16. Monodrama
  17. Crossing Time, Crossing Mind
  18. Dr. Maeda (or How I Learned To Start Loving DNA)
  19. End Of The Investigation
  20. Worm
  21. Fright Night
  22. Desperation
  23. Ray Of Hope
  24. Triumph Of Wing
  25. Cityscapes
  26. Crimson Eyes
  27. Unforgettable Man -Return To Me-

Disc 3

  1. King Of Closing Time
  2. A Piece Of Remain -For The 3rd Birthday-
  3. The Way Things Are
  4. Into The Babel
  5. Escape From UB -For The 3rd Birthday-
  6. Terminus Zero
  7. Immortality of Time
  8. Blue Of The End
  9. Dive Into Myself -Changing To...-
  10. "Watchet auf, ruft uns der Zeipunkt Null (Based On A Cantata BWV140 by J. S. Bach)"
  11. The End -Back To The Beginning-
  12. Come Again To Christmas
  13. Screaming
  14. Primal Eyes -For The 3rd Birthday-
  15. Brea The Brave
  16. Theme Of Aya -The 3rd Birthday Early Essence Arrange-

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