53 670 2 250/80
Cyanide Acid Tranq. Heat Freeze
Strong Strong Strong Strong Strong
Confuse Steal Scan Slow Escape
Strong Average Weak Strong Possible
Item Junk, Medicine 4, Revive
Steal Cure-C, Revive
Attacks Escape, Wide-Spread Beam
Location Chrysler Building Floors 51-60

Gigantic Squirrels are NMCs in Parasite Eve. Unlike the rest of Eve's abominations, they remain as adorable as ever, but their bigger eyes may still be unsettling.

These pesky little rodents have a spread fire beam attack that is very hard to dodge due to its wide arc of fire. This attack will cause Aya Brea confusion making the movement controls reversed. Be sure to be carrying a Cure-C to get rid of the confusion effect. The most annoying thing about the NMC squirrel is that the moment it takes damage it will run away leaving Aya behind with the damage received and nothing else. Make sure to kill the Squirrel as quick as possible before it flees.

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