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Rollers are a type of Twisted that appears in The 3rd Birthday.

They appear to share the appearance with the Reaper except their only moves are "rolling" over Aya or crushing her with its weight.

A way to kill them easily is to stun them with a launcher then Overdive Kill them. Rollers do not go into "Maniac Mode" as Reapers do. However in Chapter 5 they are shown to have temporary barriers making Rollers even more deadly. They come in different colors throughout most of the game, however the rare ones come in white coloration.

The 3rd Birthday English Video Clothing00:47

The 3rd Birthday English Video Clothing

Aya fighting Rollers.

Some Rollers are capable of performing slamming attacks, which may deal heavy damage and easily destroy any palings. Fortunately, Rollers always chases Aya and other soldiers whom are not behind any palings (still, they will always sets Aya as their priority). Simply equipping Aya with a weapon for an easy Overdive Kill especially the A170D (Handgun) and maybe the Gr6-Tactic (Shotgun) but the A170D is better for it allows Aya to dodge roll. Performing Linkage attack on them can always exploits its vulnerability to Overdive Kills and even stun them for a short time. Aya can either deal 1/5 up to 1/4 damage of one bar of their health when performing a normal Overdive Kill.

Report entry

“Mad Corkscrew”

Attempts to enter close range combat as soon as it appears. It narrows any wider gaps by twisting its body and using the recoil to propel itself forward like a spring. Its attack - surging forward while rotating - is frighteningly fierce. It moves with extreme speed and seems almost engineered for pouncing on enemies.

The Roller's claws really come out when it takes damage, at which point it goes crazy with violent fury. In this state, it has both greatly increased damage-recovery capability and uncommon endurance. It will destroy cover-providing obstacles and frustrate any attempts at evasion.

The manic Roller is extremely violent, attacking incessantly and leaving no opportunity to counterattack. Furthermore, thanks to its recovery abilities, your only hope is to find an opening and use certain effective attacks to take them out in one hit.

Sniper rifle sweet spot: Tip of the “tail.”


  • They are also known as the "Mad Corkscrew".


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