Pawn golem
425 125 100 5
Strength Weakness
None Electricity
Attacks Swipe, Grenade Launcher
Location Neo Ark, Shelter (after finding Eve)

The Pawn GOLEM is the weakest of the GOLEMs, but it is still a dangerous and powerful foe. Their attacks are fairly effective and the attack in pairs. They are very durable but can be stunned with electricity, due to their life support systems.

They appear in two "designs", much like the Rook GOLEM, one equipped with a blade and the other with the grenade launcher. Both are dangerous as the blade wielding GOLEM can move very quickly and deal a lot of damage. The Grenade wielding GOLEM can cause status ailments like Blind which can be nasty in a close quarters fight.

Grenades are very useful as is Electrical attacks (not Necrosis as they are immune). With Energy Shot 3, the M4 with the M203 can take them down with as little as one grenade and only a few shots, which is very useful for fighting up close. Also the R. Slug rounds can quickly rip these GOLEMs apart, if they were saved. Naturally due to their weakness to Electricity, the Hammer can stun them, which prevents them from moving, allowing for some free shots.

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