Aya Brea with a handgun.

Parasite Eve II makes more use of long-ranged weapons instead of close-ranged weapons when fighting NMCs. The weapons also effect Aya's agility, ability to dodge, strength, and defense. The heavier the items she's carrying, the slower she'll be while smaller ones allow her to run faster and hold more things. The game lets the player customize some of their equipment.

The range mechanic affects the optimal damage output of any given weapon; the closer Aya is positioned to an enemy often maximizes each gun's damage per shot. This is most apparent in the shotgun line of weapon.

Regular Weapons

These weapons, whether by playing or finishing optional side-quests, are the easier ones to get.

Tonfa Baton

  • Weight: 68
  • Range: 1
  • Rate: 5
  • Location: Aya's default melee weapon.
  • Description: Baton based on an Okinawan design. Masters can attack continuously.

The only strictly melee weapon in the game, it has no need for ammo or P. Energy. The tonfa baton can be used again and again to strike close ranged enemies, it also stuns small to medium NMC, allowing you to keep hitting the enemy until they die. It is useless in distance and against most flying enemies, due to its low attack it is rendered useless after Dryfield since most enemies are fast or HP-tanks like mossbacks and GOLEMs.


  • Weight: 117
  • Range: 50
  • Rate: 110
  • Capacity: 20
  • Ammunition Type: 9mm
  • Location: Aya's default firearms weapon.
  • Description: Semi-auto 9mm, fires three-round bursts.

Fast firerate, reload speed and with good capacity, the M93R handgun can easily dispatch small to medium-sized NMC with ease; anything larger would take a heavy amount of ammunition. It has two main firing options, a three-point-burst or a single shot mode. Despite having mediocre optimum range thus making it easily outclassed by alternatives, its firing modes makes it extremely versatile. With proper skill and the right ammunition, it is capable of tackling large enemies such as: The Burner, The Glutton (Garbage Boss) and the Blizzard Chaser on Nightmare mode.

Fun fact: While nearly all firearms in Parasite Eve II are based on common, real-life firearms, Aya's default weapon, the M93R, is actually quite rare and is considered a premier firearm collector's item, especially in the United States. Only a small handful in the US are legally transferrable.


  • Weight: 288
  • Range: 55 / 5
  • Rate: 80 / 2
  • Capacity: 30 / 50
  • Ammunition Type: 9mm / Battery
  • Location: It is found in the Akropolis Tower (temporary), and can later be purchased for 6980 BP.
  • Description: 9mm sub-machine gun. Flashlight attached.

The MP5A5 is the standard firearm of the SWAT teams in Parasite Eve II, the MP5A5 takes 9mm PB rounds like any other handgun and can be fitted with different kinds of 9mm rounds. Its secondary fire is a flashlight of 50 "shots" capable of inflicting blind on many NMCs. Its high rate of fire is offset by its mediocre stopping power. Nevertheless it is a potent weapon should one utilize shot, essentially transforming it into a mini M249 while maintaining Aya's mobility. A veteran favorite as ammo is abundant with a decent asking price to boot.

SMG Clip Holder

  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Location: It can be bought late in the game for 3980 BP (2 can be acquired).

An attachment for the MP5A5; each one increasing its ammo capacity by a nice 30 rounds. Two can be used at once effectively giving it a full 90 rounds. In conjunction with ammo such as the " Spartan" and Level 3 Energyshot, this attachment maximizes the MP5A5's lethality to near M249. The only downfall from having this attachment on an MP5A5 is that it will rip through your handgun ammo reserve at an extreme speed, with 500 being the most you can carry of a given handgun bullet type up to a total of 1500 bullets only (500 of each p.b., hydra and spartan).


  • Weight: 227
  • Range: 40
  • Rate: 90
  • Capacity: 100
  • Ammunition Type: 9mm
  • Location: Gary Douglas will give this to Aya if she saves Flint from the Burner.
  • Description: Full-auto 9mm with high ammo capacity.

A full-auto handgun that uses the standard 9mm ammo, it possesses the highest ammo capacity of any handguns in the game. It is not a recommended weapon as its reload time and optimum range is worst out of all handguns in the game. Not recommended for use in Nightmare Mode as it can be sluggish in a tight situation such as the Blizzard Chaser and any Desert Chaser as well as its mediocre optimum range.


  • Weight: 87 / 100 with Snail Magazine
  • Range: 70
  • Rate: 80
  • Capacity: 7 / 32 with Snail Magazine
  • Ammuniition Type: 9mm
  • Location: This can be purchased for 680 BP. It is also dropped in Bounty/Nightmare Modes by a Knight GOLEM in the Promenade at the Akropolis Tower.
  • Description: Semi-auto handgun with special loader.

This German semi-automatic handgun can be acquired quite early and gives a good critical rate, but unless you are playing Scavenger or Nightmare mode this gun becomes quickly useless compared to other weaponry due to its mediocre firerate. The gun's capacity can be increased via the Snail Magazine; increasing the clip size from seven rounds to thirty-two, furthering its critical rate potential. Most players will dismiss this weapon altogether as it holds no real advantage compared to other weapons in the game, often being treated as a challenge weapon above all else.

Snail Magazine

  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Capacity: 32
  • Location: Found in the Cellar under Dryfield, but only if you already have the P08.

A clip holder for the P08 handgun, it will increase the ammo capacity from seven rounds to thirty-two.


  • Weight: 92
  • Range: 120 / 4
  • Rate: 90 / 3
  • Capacity: 12 / 50
  • Ammunition Type: 9mm
  • Location: Aya will find this in the Cavern at the Mine after defeating the Blizzard Chaser for the first time, and it can also be purchased in the Shelter Armory for 1880 BP.
  • Description: Semi-auto handgun with silencer. Flashlight attached.

A single-shot handgun, this takes all variants of 9mm rounds and has a flashlight for secondary fire. With the highest range out of all handguns as well as decent critical rate (second only to the P08), the P229 is a versatile weapon that is only held back by its mediocre firerate and its late game availability. Nevertheless, its flashlight is beneficial versus Stalker enemies, making it good competition for the P08 in such fights. Most beginners will dismiss the P229, as many will find it lacking in burst damage. Many advanced players, however, embrace the P229 due to its excellent mobility and in the right hands, holds a good firepower (via critical rate) to eliminate enemies patiently from a distance compared to other handguns which requires a more up close and personal tactic.

M4A1 Rifle

  • Weight: 254/ 437/339/488/390
  • Range: 500/ 6/2/420/250
  • Rate: 85/ 2/4/2/1
  • Capacity: 30/ 30/40/60/1
  • Ammunition Type: 5.56mm/ Flamethrower/Stun/Laser/Grenade
  • Location: This gun can be bought for 2450 BP.
  • Description: 5.56mm assault rifle. Customizable with attachments.

A light and handy small-bore rifle that takes 5.56 cartridges, in general service with USA military units. This rifle packs a good punch and can wipe the floor with small and medium-sized NMC. It also quickly takes care of larger ones and can fire a three-shot burst at the enemy. Unlike other weapons, this rifle comes with the option to attach extra weapons to it and has a variety of customizable options. The M4A1 is often considered the most "well rounded" weapon in the game. This is due to the fact it has decent power, great versatility from its secondary attacks via attachments, and with less than significant penalty to Aya's mobility. A very popular weapon among both beginner and experienced players alike.

Rifle Clip Holder

  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Location: Can be purchased for 1800 BP (2 can be acquired).

A clip holder for the M4A1 Rifle, it'll increase the amount of bullets it can hold by allowing it to carry extra magazines. Two can be acquired, with each increasing the M4A1's clip size by 30 extra rounds, up to a maximum of 90.


  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Location: Can be purchased for 980 BP after arriving in Dryfield.
  • Description: Close-combat bayonet. Custom M4A1 attachment.

This close-combat bayonet is an attachment for the M4A1 Rifle. In hindsight, a very useful addition to your rifle as it deals 70-odd damage (or over 250 for a critical) to all enemies in range and knocks many foes to the floor. Throughout Dryfield, the mine and early shelter you can easily save this weapon's BP cost in ammunition. Much less effective later on when it is generally wise to keep your distance from most ANMCs. It does however make short work of lesser enemies who are prone to swarming Aya.


  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Capacity: 1
  • Location: Can be purchased for 2130 BP.
  • Description: 40mm grenade launcher. Custom M4A1 attachment.

A 40mm grenade launcher that can be attached to the M4A1 Rifle, Negating the need for the Grenade Pistol.


  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Location: Can be purchased for 3720 BP. It is also dropped in Bounty Mode by a Knight GOLEM in the Parking Area in Dryfield.
  • Description: High-voltage stun gun. Custom M4A1 attachment.

Another attachment for the M4A1 Rifle, a high-voltage stun gun. An essential (to the point of necessity at times) against GOLEM Soldiers as the electricity damages their life support and stuns them from making sudden attacks.


  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Location: Can be purchased late in the game for 5180 BP. It is also dropped after and if you defeat the Burner and have Medicine Wheel and in Bounty Mode by a Knight GOLEM in the Shelter Breeding Room.
  • Description: Small portable flamethrower. Custom M4A1 attachment.

Another attachment for the M4A1 Rifle, a small portable flamethrower effective against amoeba NMCs thus saving one's MP for other means.


  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: N/A
  • Rate: N/A
  • Location: Can be purchased late in the game for 7500 BP. Dropped near the end of the game by a Rook GOLEM in the Shelter B2 South Walkway if Aya has the Medicine Wheel attached. It is also dropped in Bounty Mode by a Knight GOLEM in the Neo Ark Shrine.
  • Description: Small laser gun. Custom M4A1 attachment.

The final attachment for the M4A1 Rifle, a miniature laser gun that deals good damage against all types of NMCs and with a generous 60 shot capacity, only drawn back by its extended firing period thus leaving Aya vulnerable to harm. Deals roughly 90 damage to any enemy should the laser is kept on the target, moreso with P.E. Energy Shot and can be an effective BP saver as it can be recharged for free.


  • Weight: 685
  • Range: 400
  • Rate: 100
  • Capacity: 200
  • Ammunition Type: 5.56mm
  • Location: This can be bought late in the game for 15,800 BP if the blinded soldier has been rescued. It is also dropped near the end of the game in Bounty Mode by a Bishop GOLEM in the Neo Ark Power Plant (2nd Area). This can also be brought in Replay mode if C rank was achieved in a previous game.
  • Description: Portable light machine gun. Heavy firepower and a large clip.

A portable light machine gun, this 200-bullet rifle can be used to absolutely destroy enemies if used in conjunction with the P. E. Energy Shot. Its weight and extreme firerate (thus ammo depletion) are the only drawbacks from an otherwise absolute must have weapon.


  • Weight: 270
  • Range: 30
  • Rate: 20
  • Capacity: 3
  • Ammunition Type: 12-gauge
  • Location: It can be bought for 1000 BP.
  • Description: Pump-action 12-gauge shotgun.

A pump-action 12-gauge shotgun. The very first shotgun that one can procure, having very low clip size, firerate and range (unless used in conjunction with the R.Slug Shells). Its only benefits is its area of effect damage per shot, capable of hitting multiple enemies in a single shot thus a circumstantially potent weapon against moths, scorpions and bats (all of which appear frequently until the end of disc 1).


  • Weight: 420
  • Range: 40
  • Rate: 24
  • Capacity: 7
  • Ammunition Type: 12-gauge
  • Location: This can be found in the Shelter Armory.
  • Description: 12-gauge close-combat shotgun. Powerful, but cumbersome.

A high-grade military automatic shotgun, like any other shotgun it can take different kinds of shells. This 12-gauge close-action shotgun is the best form of a close encounter weapon since it can fire Buckshot faster than any other shotgun. This allows good crowd control and can knock back small to medium, and even some large, NMCs at close range. Its potential is offset by its slow reload time. Since you can pick this weapon up for free in the Armory, it will become one of your best friends if you keep all 3 different types of 12-gauge ammo around.


  • Weight: 559
  • Range: 50
  • Rate: 26
  • Capacity: 20
  • Ammunition type: 12-gauge
  • Location: It can be purchased for 12500 BP after solving the full moon puzzle and returning to Dryfield, and this can be also purchased in Replay mode if E rank was achieved in a previous game.
  • Description: Rapid-fire 12-gauge combat shotgun.

This rapid-fire 12-gauge shotgun has 20 rounds and can tear through any enemy with R. Slug ammo. Be sure to keep the supplies up, else you will run out of ammo relatively quickly. When paired with Firefly shells it will make short work of the watery areas in Neo Ark. Coupled with the P.E. Energy Shot, Aya can put the GOLEMs down in 2-5 shots depending on which GOLEM (with R.Slug ammunition), a must for shotgun fans despite its very high asking price.

Grenade Pistol

  • Weight: 240
  • Range: 350
  • Rate: 1
  • Capacity: 1
  • Ammuntion Type: 40mm
  • Location: Aya will find this in the Akropolis Tower (temporary), and it can be purchased later for 1680 BP.
  • Decription: Pistol-sized 40mm grenade launcher.

A pistol-sized 40mm grenade launcher, it is easily one of the most powerful weapons available without any side-quests needing to be completed. If you don't like any of the other M4A1 attachments it is easily replaced by the M203 to conserve inventory space. Its immense burst firepower is offset by its extremely low firerate (second only to the hypervelocity) and its slow reload speed. An easily accessible, very powerful boss-killer weapon.


  • Weight: 900
  • Range: 350
  • Rate: 12
  • Capacity: 12
  • Ammunition Type: 40mm
  • Location: This can be bought late in the game for 23500 BP if the blinded soldier was rescued. This can also be brought in Replay mode if B rank was achieved in a previous game.
  • Description: 40mm launcher with revolving magazine.

This is noted to be the one of the most powerful weapons in the game due to being a twelve-round grenade launcher. A massive improvement over the Grenade Pistol due to its immensely increased capacity. All its destructive potential is offset by its very high price, point of accessibility, extremely slow reload speed and speed penalty (near on-par to that of the hypervelocity). It makes short work of just about any enemy and if paired with Energy Shot it will take most ANMCs out with one to two shots as well as a potent boss-killer.

Secret Weapons

These weapons can only be obtained by playing in Replay Mode and having earned the Rank to unlock them, which will take quite some time.


  • Weight: 168
  • Range: 60
  • Rate: 70
  • Capacity: 6
  • Ammunition Type: .44 Magnum
  • Location: Rupert will give you the Mongoose if you are going towards the bad ending. This can also be purchased in Replay Mode for 2850 BP if D Rank was achieved in a previous game. This can also be dropped late in Bounty/Nightmare Mode by an invisible Knight GOLEM in the Shelter B1 Main Corridor.
  • Description: Large 44-calibre revolver. Slow reload, but it's worth it.

A large 44-caliber revolver. Although the .44 Magnum rounds are less powerful than the Maeda SP, it still has good uses. The .44 Maeda SP rounds, received either from Rupert, or brought in Replay Mode, are useful due to the ammo's immediate 'Poison' attribute. While useless against GOLEMs, it works wonders on enemies such as the "Brain Stingers". The Mongoose has an extremely high critical hit ratio that can match the critical rate of the P229. The maximum damage of this weapon can be over 600, superseding even that of a grenade launcher. With the Maeda rounds used with Level 3 Energyshot, and some luck, this weapon can take down Eve with 25 Shots.


  • Weight: 881
  • Range: 1000
  • Rate: 7
  • Capacity: 100
  • Ammunition Type: 20mm
  • Location: It can be bought in Replay Mode for 20,000 BP when A Rank has been achieved in a previous game.
  • Description: Magnetic railgun. Fires hyper-sonic rounds.

A Magnetic railgun that uses super-sonic rounds, it is as heavy as the MM1 and usually does 2000+ damage to any enemy which rips most if not all bosses apart with ease. It does not use normal ammunition, instead using a battery that can fire 100 shots before it needs to be recharged (which can be done for free at any of the game's shops). Its blast also has a wide swath, so it can wipe out entire groups of enemies with a single shot. Sadly it has a 5 second charge time before each shot, and its heavy weight will require several seconds for Aya to raise the weapon and line it up with her target, making it poor for close-range fights. A collector favorite as it saves BP for other purposes.


  • Weight: 570
  • Range: 2 / 100
  • Rate: 2 / 36
  • Capacity: -/12
  • Ammunition Type: Blade / 12-gauge
  • Location: This can be purchased in Replay Mode for 10,000 BP if S Rank has been achieved in a previous game. Can also be obtained after fighting No.9 in Dryfield while attaching the Medicine Wheel.
  • Description: Ultrahigh frequency particle blade. Blade with shotgun attachment.

The hardest weapon in the game to acquire, it was mainly for cross-supporting Square's other game release and is shown quite frequently as it's Golem No.9's primary weapon. Although it is modeled after Squall Leonhart's Revolver gunblade, the model had been redone so that Aya may both attack with it like a sword and shoot it like a shotgun. Deals mediocre damage from its melee and shotgun firing modes. Its true potential however, is the combination of both modules. If timed right, Aya can inflict a large amount of damage by swinging the blade and firing a shell just as the blade hits the target. Pulling off the R1+R2 combo with the Gunblade will usually do over 1000 damage to its target, and will cause most ANMCs to literally explode while dealing immense damage to bosses.

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