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Mariko Anzai (安斉 麻理子 Anzai Mariko) is a character in the Parasite Eve novel. She is portrayed by Ayako Omura in the film adaptation.

Parasite Eve (novel)

Mariko was a 14 year old girl who needed to have a kidney transplant due to an illness. She first received one when she was 12, but stopped taking her medicine as other students called her "a monster" and bullied her as she had someone else's organ; this made her body reject the kidney, having to remove it due to infection.

Mariko 2

Mariko senses Eve's presence.

After Kiyomi Nagashima became brain dead and died, Mariko was the candidate to receive Kiyomi's kidney. With the assistance of Takashi Yoshizumi, the operation was a success, but Mariko later complained about feeling weird and "hot", due to Kiyomi's advanced mitochondria now dwelling in her. Mariko then became the candidate to birth the Ultimate Being so the mitochondria began to change her uterus in order for her body to become compatible. This caused Mariko to start to have mini panic attacks, usually shouting and screaming out "it called to me, it's inside my stomach". Her doctor would later connect this to Kiyomi and to Toshiaki Nagashima's research.

Mariko survives at the end of the book.

Mariko Brea

It is mentioned in the Parasite Eve video games that the mother of Aya Brea and Maya Brea was named Mariko Brea. She died with a cardiac arrest in the St. Francis Hospital along with Maya after a car accident on December 23, 1977. Before this, Mariko made her and Maya organ donors (possibly due to Mariko being controlled by Eve). According to Kunihiko Maeda, Mariko's organs couldn't be transplanted after the accident.

Since the timeline does not align perfectly for the Brea sisters' mother to have been Mariko Anzai, given the novel's contemporary setting, this is likely just a homage to the character from the novel, although a connection would explain Maya's advanced mitochondria. It is also likely that Mariko Brea is simply the video game incarnation of the novel character.

Differences between film and novel

In the novel, Mariko is "raped" by Eve and gives birth to the Ultimate Being, which is later destroyed. But in the film Mariko never gave birth, as this was thought to be "too disturbing" to put on film and was cut out. Instead, Eve simply began to prepare her for the birth; however, before that could be accomplished, both Kiyomi/Eve and Toshiaki commit a lover's suicide and Mariko was spared from giving birth. Mariko survives in both versions.

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