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The 3rd Birthday
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For Hyde's boss form, see Hyde Bohr (boss).
Stop being so hard on yourself. I don't know if you realize this but... you don't need a past in order to have a future.
—Hyde to Aya Brea

Hyde Bohr is the main antagonist of The 3rd Birthday.


Hyde was born in Denmark and grew up with his physicist father. As such, he was constantly surrounded by famous names in the field.

He originally emigrated to America after graduation and devoted himself to research in the field of quantum mechanics.

In 1999, he was invited to become a project manager for the Defense Sciences Office at DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), a unit of the US Department of Defense that was researching and developing new technologies for the nation's military.

In 2005, he entered the FBI's research center where he lead his own forensics team before becoming the Director of Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence.


Hyde finds Aya.

Hyde became close to both Aya Brea and Kyle Madigan as a protector-like figure at work and outside of it. As such, he is invited to Aya and Kyle's wedding on December 24th, 2010 at Saint Thomas Church in New York City. He found Aya unconscious in the snow outside Saint Thomas Church and took her in. Around the same time, he became the head of the newly formed Counterproliferation Strategy Support Division of the CTD, forerunner to the CTI (Counter Twisted Investigation). As the chief researcher of the CTI, his duties included revamping it, loading the development team as senior engineer, and heading up the Overdive Investigation Unit. He is a major leader in the war against the Twisted.

The 3rd Birthday

Hyde had planned everything that happened during The 3rd Birthday. Hyde had planned on having Aya kill off the High Ones so that once enough "blood" was spilled and absorbed by the Babels, he would be able to create the Grand Babel. Hyde himself was a High One due to him being in the church with Aya and Eve Brea at the time of the raid. Hyde still had his memories and Eve's deteriorating body led the creation of the High Ones. Hyde's killing of the other High Ones was used so that only he could go to Time Zero and see the Mother to create advanced lifeforms.

The 3rd Birthday Boss Hyde Bohr

The 3rd Birthday Boss Hyde Bohr

Aya confronts Hyde in the Big Orb.

When the CTI is murdered by Kyle, Hyde mysteriously vanishes. When the Grand Babel forms, Aya locates Hyde in the Grand Babel and he reveals his betrayal, or rather, manipulation. He reveals that the Grand Babel is built on the foundation of the defeated High Ones, and he needed to form the Grand Babel to open a door to Time Zero. Aya fights him in a monstrous form.

Hyde and Aya fought at Overdive Time on Rockefeller Center for a grueling battle, again in his monstrous form.


Aya facing Hyde.

Finally in one last battle, Aya dives into the psychic world of the High Ones that rests within their leader, Hyde: an Overdive space that's an embodiment of his deepest psyche. In the end, Hyde lost and vanished and allowing Aya to go to Time Zero to fully restore her memories and to see the events that unfolded of the creations of the Twisted and the High Ones.

There, Aya learned she is not really "Aya" but Eve's consciousness in Aya's body. Hyde confronts Eve and reveals the truth of Time Zero, the Twisted and the High Ones. Hyde tells Eve his plan to become one with her in order for them to experience a rebirth and gave birth to descendants which are advanced life forms which can end the war against the Twisted. When Eve asks Hyde if the people who are important to her will be in this future, Hyde claims they're "nothing", upsetting Eve. Ultimately Hyde died within Time Zero being shot by Aya countless times before he could force himself into Eve.


  • "I'm just looking out for you. You need to rely on me a little more. Do you think you'd be able to do something like that?"
  • "Life exists beyond death."
  • "Are you scared? The dead don't feel fear. That's how you know you're alive."
  • "Trust can sometimes be a dangerous thing."
  • "Sleep peacefully, you, the last of your kind who prays for eternity. The doors to Zero... have been opened."
  • "I've been trapped in the ring of time. The Twisted come from the future and I destroy them. And eventually I fall. When I do, I wake up at the church on a snowy day. And the cycle repeats itself. But that my friend is about to end."
  • "I want the same thing as you do, Aya. I want to surpass time and make my way to the Mother. That's all I really want - I swear to you."
  • "Can't avoid evolution. To the other side of the cycle. Time is the judge of all."
  • "Oh, Great Mother Eve, return to your original vessel!"
  • "Your soul has returned to where it should be, Eve. Listen to me. Before your body is destroyed, take me in. You can avoid destruction and experience a new birth. That's the sole reason I stand here before you now. I have come here to graciously offer myself to the Mother. You will then be born again and your descendants will be advanced life forms with the ability to ultimately end the war against the Twisted. I will remain inside of you and watch as the new future unfolds in front of you."
  • "People? They are nothing, just a part of our evolutionary process."
  • "I'm not going to let you go. If you don't like it, you can just become a part of me. Let's dream together. The same dream!"
  • "What? Aya's soul should be gone!" (final words)


  • Hyde is the integrated form of the High Ones. He's a being trapped in the cycle of time, so he doesn't go back at his own will. Rather, he gets sent back forcefully when the High Ones are eliminated. The Grand Babel was necessary for going back to a point previous to the start of the cycle. He was for the first time successful at its creation by using Aya and the Twisted.
  • After defeating "Awakened Hyde", he appears back in Time Zero. Being a High One, normally one can't go back to a point previous to its birth, as it would cause contradictions. Hyde calls this "the wall of time". In order to surpass that wall, Hyde (as a High One) dies once and remains hidden inside Eve's memories as a kind of data, as Eve has an Overdive ability superior to his.
  • Despite being the main antagonist, Hyde's goals are ethically ambiguous and it can be argued he's not malicious, malevolent or evil. He simply wants to find a way to end the cycle of time he is trapped in, and he also tells Eve that he wants to end the war against the Twisted.
    • The true Aya, however, jumps the gun (literally) by shooting Hyde in the torso, killing him, despite that Hyde was apparently a close acquaintance to her before Time Zero. Even though Hyde was about to force himself into Eve, Aya could have screamed "STOP!" or shot him elsewhere and proceeded to talk to him, but Aya apparently chooses murder, and shoots him multiple times even after he is already bleeding to death on the floor, something which could be seen as somewhat out-of-character for Aya since she was insistent on saving Hans Klamp before. It could be argued that Hyde never did anything to deserve death (Hyde does attack Eve (as Aya) in three boss fights, but it could be argued he is fighting out of self-defense since Eve (as Aya) is the one insistent on tracking Hyde down at gunpoint.)


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