3000 500 200 100
Strength Weakness
None Mouth
Item Recovery3, 80 5.56mm Rifle, 4 Grenades
Attacks Sticky Mucus, Gas bombs, Vacuum, Summon Mad Chasers, Gas Attack
Location Shelter Disposal Site

The Glutton is a mighty and massive ANMC encountered by Aya Brea in the disposal area of the Shelter and is fought twice. This is one of two bosses that feature instant kill attacks, the other is No. 9's blade attack in Akropolis Tower. According to information in the Breeding Room, the Glutton was a female monkey before her transformation.

First encounter


The Grenade Pistol or the M203 with some kind of Energyshot (3 is preferable) are a must. Glutton is only vulnerable when her mouth is open; i.e.: when she is doing the Vacuum attack which can instantly kill Aya if she gets too close. She has several other attacks all of which are fairly easy to dodge as they are fairly well telegraphed but most won't be encountered if you have the Grenade Pistol.

Glutton's most dangerous attack is her mucus/gas attack combo where she'll glue Aya to the ground for a short time then damage her with the gas attack. The Gas Bombs isn't hard to deal with as you can tell where they are going to land.

If Aya gets a Critical Hit on one of Glutton's shoulders, Glutton moves her head to the side, roars and raises one of her feet, causing Mad Chasers to drop down. During the next vacuum attack, she will regain HP for every one eaten, equal to their HP value. Thus, the only point to this is for the extra BP from Mad Chasers; for an easier fight, don't attack the shoulders.

One thing to note is that she moves forward (and the camera changes), she has lost a specific amount of her HP. This is one way of keeping track of this in combat. Eventually when she is defeated, Aya can move to the next area.

Second encounter

3000 700 200 100
Strength Weakness
Item Recovery3
Location Shelter Disposal Site

The Glutton gets back up after the first battle and chases Aya through the incinerator. She can still summon Mad Chasers if she got shot in her shoulder.

If you are feeling confident, the Glutton second encounter is not too bad and you get more BP by killing it outright. In this, you have to get against the wall and start attacking the shoulder, preferably with a pistol (grenades can do this without a Critical Hit) causing her to summon Mad Chasers, which are in a finite supply. With this and destroying the Chasers, you can simply follow the original strategy from the first fight of firing a grenade (or other powerful weapon) with Energyshot and then running away. This nets more BP than the second way of killing her, although the BP is from the Mad Chasers, not the Glutton.

Parasite Eve 2 PS1 Boss 703:26

Parasite Eve 2 PS1 Boss 7

Aya killing the Glutton by crushing.

The second way to kill Glutton is to crush her to death. This elaborate death is a bit tricky to perform due to the timing involved in it. What needs to be done is that Aya must press a floor switch in an alcove in front of a cap. This will raise up a platform, allowing her to eventually cross. In this part, Glutton will only use her gas and vacuum attack. By constantly running away even if you are running into a wall, you can avoid all of her attacks. When the platform rises completely run towards the second alcove. When Glutton is on the platform completely, the button will cause the platform will begin to lower, leading to a very painful and gruesome death for the Glutton.

After killing the boss, return to where you fought it and you can find the Woven Ring. Identify it in the inventory as the Medicine Wheel, which allows Aya to obtain bonus items.

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