Gary Douglas
56 (born 1944)
Hair color
Eye color
Bronco Motel owner, auto shop owner
Parasite Eve II
Ask for the cavalry and they send a city girl... Alone! What do they think this is... A fashion show?

Gary Douglas is a middle-aged man dressed in cowboy clothes who runs an auto-shop in Dryfield.

Douglas is a decorated Vietnam War veteran who lost a leg in a minefield. After returning, he started a scrapyard business in Dryfield and has been living a quiet life with his dog, Flint.

Parasite Eve II

An intimidating man in his own right, he's a little untrusting of everyone he comes across. When NMCs are reported in Dryfield, he contacts the FBI.

He finds Aya Brea in his garage and aims a shotgun at her, but she tells him she's a MIST agent. He is annoyed they only send a "city girl" alone, although eventually accepts Aya as a decent person. He gives her a key to the motel.

Gary seems to be used to the creatures attacking people in the area; he escapes them every time and always has his trusty shotgun in hand in case anything happens.

During the Burner boss fight at his motel, if Aya manages to save his dog Flint, he gives her a new gun (an M950) and respects her while forming his version of a friendship with her. If Aya doesn't manage to save his dog, he leads her to the Chicken Plate. After the boss battle, Gary sells Aya weapons and is promised to get real money for helping her from the organization.

If the good ending is obtained, it's revealed that Douglas was seriously injured in the Dryfield explosion, but eventually recovered and began an effort to rebuild the town. He sent Aya a picture of a rifle scope with a price tag attached.

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