Gabrielle Monsigny (Phase 2)
Statistics (Easy)
36000 2500 2000
Statistics (Normal)
45000 2500 2000
Statistics (Hard)
81000 4170 4000
Statistics (Deadly)
141750 5000 6000
Statistics (Insane)
243000 6690 8000
Resistant to Recoil B
Resistant to Stagger B
Episode(s) 2
Descent Kill Yes

Gabrielle Monsigny is a High One boss in The 3rd Birthday. She is fought at the end of Chapter 2.


Her appearance is that of a huge Twisted resembling a yellow-red hornet on her first phase

On her second phase she takes the appearance of white-purple hornet.


Phase 1: Use the tank to fire away at her HP, if the player can stun her, use Overdive. Repeat the process until her HP is 0. Best to keep the tank as the second phase will be a little bit difficult, the best strategy is to Overdive into other soldiers to distract her.

Phase 1 HP stats:

  • Easy: 24000
  • Normal: 30000
  • Hard: 54000
  • Deadly: 94500
  • Insane: 162000

Phase 2: Use the tank, then Overdive to stop her attacking the tank. When she changes into multiple Stinkers, the player should use the sniper or wait for a sniper at the ledge. Fire the one that is red so she'll revert back into her hornet form. One of her attacks consists of her charging and releasing 3 giant toxic bubbles, the way to stop her is to kill the 4 Stinkers that are charging it. Also keep a soldier as one of her attacks will release Twisted rays that will instantly kill Aya if she gets caught. However you can stop her using the Twisted Rays by causing enough impact to her using the tank. Keep up the process until she dies then use Overdive Kill to finish the battle.

Report entry

Gabrielle has undergone a grotesque transformation, as though the Twisted sleeping deep within had suddenly awoken. Like Emily, another special case.

With the wings of a fallen angel, it skillfully unleashes wind-harnessing attacks. It also releases an endless stream of Stinkers and directs them to attack, making for a highly strategic assault both on the ground and in the air.

Destroy it by making good of Humvees and Overdiving into SWAT members. This monster needs effective attacks that do significant damage.


  • While in her Monster form, some of Gabrielle's quotes throughout Chapter 2 can be heard.
  • While fighting Gabrielle, "Cloud of Aureolin" is played.


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