Desert Chaser
Desert chaser
200 75 50 4
Strength Weakness
None Unintelligent
Attacks Charge
Location Dryfield, Mine, Neo Ark (Desert Zone)

The Desert Chaser is a type of Chaser and is the first ANMC that is encountered in Dryfield. They appear in Dryfield, the Abandoned Mine, and the Desert Zone of Neo Ark.

Their sole offensive maneuver, a running headbutt, is telegraphed with a short vocalization while rearing back. If the attack connects too early, Aya will only be stunned momentarily, but if allowed to gain full speed, it will knock her down. The attack is easily dodged in an open space, and the Chasers can be baited into running into walls, doing 15 damage to themselves as well as falling to the ground (this can be exploited to even greater effect outside of the Mine, where baiting them off the cliff results in an instant kill). Pyrokinesis can knock them down as well, but may fail to do so when they are charging. When they are down, all hits will be critical.


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