4650 2000 (if it dies)
1000 (if it escapes)
1000 (if it dies)
0 (if it escapes)
100 (if it dies)
0 (if it escapes)
Strength Weakness
Massive Size, Durability Necrosis
Item Protein Capsule or Ringer's Solution and 4 Airburst Grenades (if it dies)
Recovery2 and MP Boost1 (if it escapes)
Attacks Swipe, Seizure Grenades
Location Dryfield

The Burner is a powerful ANMC that Aya Brea encounters in Dryfield. This massive ANMC has a flamethrower mounted inside of its head, the nozzle of which extends out its mouth. It's extremely resilient to damage, having apparently bypassed several of Gary Douglas' traps simply by stepping on them. Aya confronts this creature during nighttime on the balcony of the motel.


Defeating the creature without it walking away is one of the requirements for getting the Good Ending. Killing the beast will earn Aya the full BP award and a grateful Douglas and Flint will meet her at the bottom. Douglas rewards Aya with an M950, a fully automatic sub-machine handgun with a 100-round clip. If the Burner escapes, Flint dies and a distraught Douglas instead gives Aya the Chicken Plate armor.

There is some misinformation out there that if you don’t beat it within 3 minutes, the boss will walk away and Flint will die. The truth is that you can take longer than 3 minutes, it's just that after 3 minutes significantly raises the chances of the boss walking away (causing Flint to die). The exact statistics and probabilities behind this are unknown, but you will know you're on the path to the Good ending if the creature dissolves (and Flint is saved), so don't reset just because you pass the 3 minute mark. Here is a video where a player takes about 6 minutes and Flint lives.[1]

Parasite Eve 2 - Burner

Parasite Eve 2 - Burner

Burner boss fight.

If the player chooses to fight closely, Aya will have to run back and forth in order to dodge its attacks. It has two main attacks; its primary attack is breathing out fire which Aya will have to run to the end of the balcony to dodge and the other attack is where it will grab Aya and will proceed to crush the life out of her. The Burner will also attempt to swing its arms down onto Aya and the balcony, damaging it and Aya severely.

If the player chooses to fight at a distance, immediately retreat to the rear of the balcony by the stairs. By standing as far to the back/left as possible, Aya will avoid half of its flame attacks and all of its arm attacks. With this tactic, the M4A1 rifle is easily enough to bring the beast down quickly, thus saving on costly grenades and medication.

Regarding whether you should fight closely or at a distance, it really depends on what your preferred playstyle is and what your current weapons are. If you use pistols and shotguns, the former method is probably better and if you use rifles and submachine guns, the latter method is probably better.

Regardless of your method, Parasite Energy is always useful in this fight. Cast Energyshot (which ideally should be at least level two), heal when necessary and blast away with reckless impunity. While the boss may use fire itself, an upgraded Fireball can also do high amounts of damage to it, and a high-level Necrosis attack will poison the monster and make it take continuous damage.

Once the Burner's face has been blown off, it will continue to fight until it is defeated.


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