The Babel forming in New York City.

The 3rd Birthday - All Cutscene 1 - Episode ~ Sacrifice ENG PSP06:30

The 3rd Birthday - All Cutscene 1 - Episode ~ Sacrifice ENG PSP

New York destroyed by Twisted.

The Babel is a giant hive appearing in The 3rd Birthday, first appearing December 24th, 2012 in New York City. The Babel is implied to bring with it the Twisted, that had appeared two years before it. It is unknown exactly why it's there, but the CTI, which is put together as the first Twisted start to appear, create a system called the Overdive to help clear the monsters and its origins.

Aya Brea ends up being the only one capable of handling the Overdive system, however all military is shown fighting against it. The Air Force is seen fighting at the base of the Babel, Aya either in a plane or Overdiving in a plane to defeat the Twisted surrounding it. Although the Babel is said to be the 'base' of the Twisted, the military and its fighting units seem to be focusing more on the Twisted that spawn.


  • The Babel is named after the Tower of Babel story in the Bible's Book of Genesis story.
  • The Babel appears two years after the first Twisted descend upon New York, implying the Babel must have either been dormant below the city or might not actually be the cause of the Twisted but a location for them.


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