Akropolis Tower.

The Akropolis Tower is the first place where Aya Brea fights ANMCs in Parasite Eve II. It is located in downtown Los Angeles, California. Akropolis Tower is a skyscraper hotel with many destinations on the rooftop including a cafeteria, chapel, and garden.

The attack

The attack on Akropolis Tower happened on September 4, 2000. Reports of brutal attacks against visitors happened there. The police quickly classified it as a terrorist attack and surrounded the building, SWAT was sent in to protect and evacuate all civilians from the area and deal with the threat. During the clearing of the tower, SWAT managed to contain the building. However, while the SWAT team cleared the building, the last few civilians turned out to be ANMC "mimics" that transformed and caught the SWAT team by surprise, resulting in a complete massacre. Shortly afterwards, everyone on the outside lost contact with the team that stormed the building.

Parasite Eve II


As soon as she arrives at the tower, Aya witnesses a burning helicopter crashing into the street, leaving no survivors. She heads to the main building and talks to the officer there (who is later rumored as a possible mole), the man tells her there is still someone up there waiting to be saved.

She begins her ascent up and into the main hall, encountering the woman in Parthenon Cafe only for the woman to evolve to a monster and attack her. After the battle Aya talks with Rupert Broderick, another M.I.S.T. member who is assigned to the case and presses on.


Apokalips Tower as it begins to explode.

Later at the church with Rupert, she meets No. 9 GOLEM, who seems to be one of the ones in charge of these attacks with how much he knows. Aya presses on further, reaching the top of the tower, she fights against No. 9 who seems to think it's amusing. As soon as the battle is over No. 9 activates bombs he's implanted into the tower to clear the NMC infestation. He jumps off the rooftop and Aya tells Rupert the situation, they have a few spare seconds before a helicopter comes to their safety. Aya and Rupert get on and leave just in time before the building explodes.



The map found in the tower's square.

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Aya just before she encounters the woman in the cafe.

The tower rooftop has several available areas: the square where Aya found the massacred SWAT members, the cafeteria where she encountered her first ANMC attack, the fountain area, the observatory area, the chapel where she first meets No. 9 Golem, and the top of the tower where she battles him.

Although Aya battles a few monsters outside the cafe door, the woman inside the cafe is considered her first true encounter. After the battle Rupert comes to Aya's rescue and Aya begins to investigate the rest of the tower. The cafe is connected to most of the building, easily getting Aya through to the next location.

The fountain is located just on the other side of the cafe, it leads to the other side of the building. Following the pathway leads Aya to the church and towards the top of the building.

Weapons and items


  1. M93R: Default.
  2. Tonfa Baton: Default.
  3. MP5A5: In a dead SWAT member outside the chapel.
  4. Grenade Pistol: At the bottom of the poseidon fountain (After using the Red Key).


  • Stim: On the freezer in the kitchen of the restaurant.
  • Recovery1: Square and the Restaurant kitchen, both on dead SWAT members.
  • Recovery2: Square, on a disemboweled body beside the ammunition case.
  • Penilicin: Garden, In a disemboweled body beside the automatic door.
  • MP Boost2: Poseidon's Fountain, In a trash can beside the entrance to the back of the restaurant.
  • Grenade Rounds: In a maintenance locker outside the chapel.
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